Bernd Mattiebe


Ausstellung: 05.02.2022-04.03.2022
„Welle-Teilchen-Dualismus visualisiert in der Farbfeldmalerei“, showwindow Stuttgart,
Schwabstr. 87, 70197 Stuttgart


Bernd Mattiebe - Malerei 2008 - 2012
Catalogue: Paintings 2008 - 2012 with text by Wolfgang Heger for DOWNLOAD






1960 born in Stuttgart
1985-90 Study at the national academy of the visual arts Stuttgart
with professors Dieter Gross and Rudolf Haegele
since 1990 Free lance artist
lives/works in Stuttgart (Germany) and in the Netherlands

Member VBKW
VG Bildkunst
Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg e. V.



Awards/Prizes and Grants

2006 Residency in Derix Glasstudios
2001 , Internet art price
2000 Workshop-Studio, San Jose, California, USA
2021 Scholarship from the Ministry for Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg, "Chaos, Order & Self-Organization in Color Field Painting"
2022 Scholarship from the Ministry for Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg, "Wave-particle duality" visualized in color field painting
Grant NEUSTART KULTUR “Module D – Digital Mediation Formats”, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture



Art in Buildings

2010 University Hospital, Freiburg, Chirurgie, concept
2007 Wide glass painting, publishing house Straubinger, Stuttgart
2006/2007 Wide glass painting, publishing house Straubinger, Stuttgart
1996 Wide glass painting, publishing house Straubinger, Stuttgart



Exhibitions (selection) · (E) = single exhibition


»_und weiter«, 15. September - 04. November 2022, Galerie ABTART/STUDIO57A, Stuttgart (E)

»und_gut« - 20.03.2022 - 20.05.2022, "showwindow Stuttgart", Project from Bernd Mattiebe and Thomas Heger, Stuttgart (E)
"Wave-particle duality" visualized in color field painting , showwindow Stuttgart. Scholarship from the Ministry for Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg. (E)

2021 "Chaos, Order & Self-Organization in Color Field Painting", showwindow Stuttgart. Scholarship from the Ministry for Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg. (E)
VBKW art presntation, Wirtschaftsministerium Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
»quietsch_clup«, »brillo fix «, "showwindow Stuttgart", Project from Thomas Heger and Bernd Mattiebe , Stuttgart (E)
2020 »PLUG IN«, Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg in the "Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg in Berlin"
»popmop«, »Polypop«, »Pi Pa Po«, »Q-Fladen«, "showwindow Stuttgart", Project from Thomas Heger and Bernd Mattiebe , Stuttgart (E)
2019 »Prima«, »Patata«, »P.-on«, , "showwindow Stuttgart", Project from Thomas Heger and Bernd Mattiebe , Stuttgart (E)
2018 "Let time paint color", Galerie ABTART/STUDIO57A, Stuttgart (E)
»Premiere«, "showwindow Stuttgart", Project from Thomas Heger and Bernd Mattiebe , Stuttgart (E)
IDEE - ENTWURF - KONZEPT, Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg, KOLLOQUIUM & BOOKLAUNCH, Castle Karlsruhe

"KrippenSpiele", Zehntscheuer Rottenburg
"Kunstmarkt 2017", Kunsthalle Ravensburg
Kunsthalle Ravensburg: Bernhard Licini - Objects | Bernd Mattiebe - Painting | Reinhard Scherer - Steelplastics


"LANDESWEIT", Members of the VBKW, Municipal Gallery Reutlingen
"es grünt so grün", Gallery ABTART, Stuttgart


"FARBSICHT, Galerie im Turm, Municipal Gallery Donaueschingen (E)
"ALLE", Members of the Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg, Municipal Gallery Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe


„Ach Tannenbaum“, FORUM KUNST ROTTWEIL, Rottweil
"The round has to go to Square - The Square and Round", Kulturverein Zehntscheuer, Rottenburg a.N.
"The own life of the color", reset, Stuttgart

2013 "2003.10.16 – A look back to the futur - 10 jears ABTART", Gallery ABTART
2012 »yesterday – today – tomorrow«, Künstlerbundes Baden-Württemberg, Kunstgebäude, Stuttgart
"LichtFarbenRaum", Gallery ABTART, Studio57A (E)
»spotlight«, Kunstbezirk Stuttgart, Stuttgart (with Eckart Hahn and Mariana Cinteanu)
2011 16 German artist Walter Bischoff Gallery, SOKA-Museum, Aliso Viejo, USA
"Stuttgart 21", 21 artists from Stuttgart, Gallery Tobias Schrade, Ulm
2010 "Art and Society", maximal, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Stuttgart
"Board Game", maximal, Hohenloher Kunstverein Hofratshaus, Langenburg
"Congratulations, Art Forum", Art Forum Rottweil, Rottweil
2009 "Int'l Fest of Cinema and Technology", ifct, USA, 19 festival events in ten different cities in six countries (Video)
"Hard Edge Painting - New Images", Gallery ABTart, Stuttgart (E) :: Booklet :: Vernissage-Film
"The world craftsmen", maximal, Kunstforum Weil der Stadt e.V.
Absolutely exemplary" Künstlerbund BW, galleries of the city of Esslingen, Villa Merkel und Bahnwärterhaus, Esslingen
"meine_Güte._", maximal, Kunstbezirk Stuttgart, Stuttgart
2008 "artists from Germany", San Antonio Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
art Karlsruhe, special collection Württembergische Insurance
"Quick view - the time in the artistic context", Stiftskeller, Weinstadt-Beutelsbach
"The last shirt", Forum Kunst Rottweil, Rottweil
"INFORMAL ART", Galerie Nero, Wiesbaden
"SEIT EH UND JETZT!", Ulmer Museum, Artists Association of Baden-Württemberg, Ulm
2007 woggerworld, Internet play project,
"Sammelsurium III", forum art Rottweil, Rottweil
"Art at the building", exhibition of the competition work: "German message in Warsaw and Mexico city", Foreign Office, Berlin
2006 Timm Gierig Art projects, Baker & McKenzie, Frankfurt
Goethe Institute London, England (video)
Spring exhibition, Gallery ABTART, Stuttgart
"from stocks", mansion Haiss, museum for contemporary art, cell a.H.
"Groups of artists", maximal, artist federation Baden-Wuerttemberg, Augustinerklosterkirche, Oberndorf
"wrong ambition harms only", maximal, per arte ulmer art donation, gallery in the grain house cellar, Ulm
Videoarte alemá, center Cultural Parque de España, Spain (video)
outside + inside, Gallery ABTART, Stuttgart (glass object)
2005 art Karlsruhe, gallery ABTart, Stuttgart
CINECLUB DETOUR, Goethe Institute Rome, Italy (video project)
FESTIVAL DE VIDEO ET FILM DE DIFFERENCE, Beirut, Lebanon (video project)
Center Cultural, Parque de España/AECI de Rosario, Spain (video project)
2004 Arts center Erfurt (video project)
maximal, Nördlingen live-dream art association
yellow red meets blue, gallery ABTart, Stuttgart (E) meets
maximal, the world understand - 10 years maximally, forum art Rottweil, Rottweil
maximal, 7x5=35 - 10, gallery of the district savings bank Esslingen Nürtingen, Kirchheim
maximal, plan-e, a resounding for art, Freiburg
Maison Musique, Rivoli Torino, Italy (video project)
CCA, Glasgow, England (video project)
To RMIT Storey resound, Swanston St town center, Australia (video project)
FESTIVAL DE VIDEO ET FILM DE DIFFERENCE, Beirut, Lebanon (video project)
Sveucilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Croatia, (video project)
German video kind 2000-2002, New Delhi, India (video project)
Goethe Institute, London, England, (video project)
Internationally Cinémathèque, Wellington, New Zealand Community Trust mediatheatre (video project)
2003 Caligari film stage, Wiesbaden (video project)
New museum Weser castle Bremen (video project)
maximal, living with art - identity rooms, urban gallery, Ostfildern
maximal, 3 room, kitchen, bath., tenth-scrub, gang castle
International film week Munich (video >machine<)
Petit fours, gallery ABTart, Stuttgart
Ecole Supérieure of the Décoratifs de Strasbourg, France (video project)
2002 Prelude, gallery of the city Sindelfingen, Sindelfingen
maximal, salt seeing, gallery of the city bath Wimpfen (painting + video project)
Exhibition to 10. Marler video art price, sculpture museum glass case Marl, Marl (video >let's play - visual culture)
2001 Artist federation Baden-Wuerttemberg, city gallery Karlsruhe
maximal, bathing only also, urban gallery the ferry, Bad Saulgau (painting + video project)
maximal, free elections, arts center Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden (painting + video projects)
maximal, party art exhibition, long night of the museums, Stuttgart
maximal, pressure house Waiblingen, Waiblingen)
2000 Walter Bischoff gallery, Stuttgart
ART FRANKFURT, Art cinema 2000, (video project)
1999 Gallery Denise Bibro, New York, the USA (E)
Art fair Moscow, Russia, Walter Bischoff gallery (video project)
NEW YORK; Airport Gallery, Frankfurt Main
maximal project >Modell art association FDS 400<, Freudenstadt
50 years large art exhibition, house of the art Munich
10 years Walter Bischoff gallery, Stuttgart
1998 ART Miami, USA
Art'98 Straßbourg, France
ARTGOESSPORT, walter Bischoff gallery, Stuttgart
maximal, beautiful prospects - urban gallery unterm tower, Stuttgart/grain house gallery, gallery D. City Weingarten/Schranne Giengen to the Brenz
Stuttgart MEETS DURBAN, Durban Art gallery, Durban, South Africa
Stuttgart - New York, Walter Bischoff gallery, Stuttgart
Art 98, Zurich, Switzerland
1997 Walter Bischoff gallery, Stuttgart (E)
maximal, 7*24 hours, gallery Künstlertreff, Stuttgart
maximal, quality of life, urban gallery Böblingen, gallery contact
Art'97 Strassbourg, France
Walter Bischoff gallery, Stuttgart, artist of the gallery
Mansion Haiss, museum for contemporary art, cell a.H.
Art 97, Zurich, Switzerland
1996 Budapest Art Expo, Hungary
Art market Dresden
Art'96 Strassbourg, France
Walter Bischoff gallery, Berlin (E)
Presentation art at the building of projects, walter Bischoff gallery, Stuttgart
Art in the city hall, Stuttgart
maximal, studio maritime route registered association, Stuttgart
maximal, art association aid house, Backnang
Art 96, Zurich
House of artists Ulm, Künstlerhaus Ulm, "ANGELS"
For culture association tenth-scrub gang castle, Kulturverein Zehntscheuer Rottenburg, "ANGELS"
Art fair Moscow, Russia
1995 Walter Bischoff gallery, Stuttgart, with Valery Koshliakow
1994  Large art exhibition, house of the art, Munich
Gallery Thomas Keck, Ellhofen (E)


Video Projects

2005 "Just have a look!" , 8 min 30 sec
"copyright" , 3 min 30 sec
"movie session" , 10 min
2004 "quod est: wasserreich" , 8 min 30 sec
2003 "machine" , 13 min
2002 "SALT" , 8 min
"fastfood" , 13 min
2001 "Ich erfrisch Dich" , 1 min 41 sec , Videoloop
"let's play - visual culture" , 13 min
2000 "human dust II" , 12 min
"visual dust" , 9 min
"work" , 9 min
"CA.95135" , 9 min 30 sec
1999 "visual culture" , 11 min 30 sec
"human dust" , 12 min


Free Internet projects (selection)

seit 2007 woggerworld, und
2006 wogger,

v-9, vidi 9qm,

2004 wasserreich,
2000/2004 quod est/q-e,
2001/2003 nastrovje,
2002 groundhorror/y-3,
2001 Wir sind die Guten, Galerie Stuttgart